Railway lines opened since 2000, and to be opened

Brian Philp, the original author of these pages, died on 28 January 2005. I usually updated these pages on the 28th of each month. Last regular update: 28 May 2014. Final though minor update: 28 January 2015. These pages will no longer be maintained.
All tables are in a format that can be saved and opened with spreadsheet software, enabling the data to be sorted or printed out differently (in principle). However, compared to the original set-up by Brian Philp, my software is less advanced, and cell formats are not predefined. Thus, the format of date column should be redefined as a date before it can be used in a sort operation.

Countries are in geographical order within each of the (continental) sections, as used in the European Rail Timetable and in the former Overseas timetable by Thomas Cook. They are coded according to ISO 3166 (more info in wikipedia).

The reference column shows the source(s) for the date and other details. These include: It is impossible to include all urban rail (metro, light rail, tram) projects worldwide. Those already in the to-be-opened list will be tended, but new ones will only be added at will; refer to UrbanRail.Net and LRTA. A comparable reluctancy applies to heritage/preserved/tourist lines. Gauge conversions are normally not included.
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